Inspection and testing

The RBI accreditation and registration as an Approved Inspection Authority for manufacture, as well as for in-service inspection, provides the legal framework for statutory inspection and testing of pressure equipment.RBI additionally provides general inspection services in the fields of Mechanical, Structural, Electrical MV & LV plant and equipment. Our specialist inspection and test services include Industrial Thermography, Electrical Inspection and Factory Inspection, as prescribed in the Construction Regulations.The RBI inspection and testing services are an essential link in supplying our engineers with the information necessary to carry out Fitness For Service Assessments, as well as rehabilitation and life extension recommendations. Our inspection and test equipment are calibrated to National Standards to provide the confidence required by our clients as an Independent Inspection Authority. As our name implies, RBI strongly promote a risk based approach to our inspection services. This approach allows our clients to prioritise their funding allocations to the most beneficial areas.


Assessment of factories, factory structures, towers, masts and buildings as prescribed in the construction regulations.
Approved inspection authority for pressure equipment manufacture.
Approved inspection authority for in-service pressure equipment inspection and testing. Project quality management.
Supervision of civil engineering projects such as projects relating to earthworks and concrete structures especially piping infrastructure projects.
Pre-shipping inspection, document verification, condition assessment.
Fitness for service determination of structures, telecom towers and masts.


Our inspection team is supported by a highly qualified and experienced in-house engineering team
We have significant past experience in inspection, testing and measurement using state of the art equipment
Our inspection findings are based on fact and verified against international standards and norms

Electrical Inspection and Condition Assessment

The inspection and testing of electrical equipment presents several unique demands on our equipment and expertise. Our electrical engineers and technicians are highly trained in MV and LV systems.Our engineers and technicians will work with your teams to develop plant and equipment management programs that are specifically designed to ensure optimized inspection, maintenance and capital allocation is implemented. We will transfer skills to develop in-house capability.